Appcelerator guys are on the ball

by Bill Dawson on 7 April 2010

After my gripes yesterday, I find it important to also give lots of credit where it’s due.  After some problems in the 1.2 release, the folks at Appcelerator have been very responsive, Don Thorp (@donthorp) especially.  And I’m not a paying customer, so it’s nice to see that! 🙂

As I’ve indicated elsewhere already, the problem with importing projects was very quickly solved.  When running Titanium Developer, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to 1.2.1 (or perhaps later, if you’re reading this later), which will then be able to import projects.

There was another problem whereby if you created a new project and then tried to launch it in Android by going to the “Test & Package” screen, you would have no option to launch the application.  Don immediately created a ticket when becoming aware of the problem, and Marshall Culpepper fixed it (@marshall_law) pronto in the github sources.

At the Q&A forum, I give some instructions if you want to put that change on to your machine ASAP.  (I’m not sure when it will be pushed by Appcelerator as an update; it’s tagged as 1.3, which isn’t expected until end of May.)

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