Introducing yet another blog

by Bill Dawson on 23 February 2010

I’ve started and stopped lots of blogs.  One of them, German History Blog, is actually still alive, though in danger of folding if I don’t get motivated and start posting there again.  Another,, I treat as my “home-base”, so to speak, where I let myself talk about anything.  When I get serious about something, I don’t like to post about it at, because the topic will end up getting mixed in with whatever other nonsense I post up there.

Okay, so what is it that I’m “getting serious” about which led me to start yet another blog?

I’m getting serious about having more fun programming and learning new things. See, I must confess that, at the moment, most of my time is spent maintaining and extending legacy apps, both on the front and the back end.  That’s not such a big problem — it pays the bills nicely.  But I definitely do feel that I’m missing out on something.  Because I think everybody will agree: there is so much cool stuff out there right now.

It’s time to play with it all!  At the moment I’m thinking about things like Appcelerator Titanium, node.js, all the great Javascript libraries like jQuery, those “NoSQL” databases and more.  

It’s so easy to have fun being a programmer right now.  There’s just tons of stuff — amazingly cool stuff — and most of it is completely free.  You could sit down for days on end and just grok the coolness  of so many great projects out there.  I can’t quite do it for days on end — I still gotta work — but I’m going to dive in and finally start exploring new things and mentioning them here.

Sounds like a “master of none” kinda thing.

It’s time for me to put the fun back into coding!

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