Should Appcelerator go back to using a “classic” forum?

by Bill Dawson on 12 April 2010

I’ve noticed a fair amount of people who comment in the Q&A section at the Appcelerator Titanium developer website don’t really like the style of Q&A forum that resembles

As there’s no way to put a poll up there at the Appcelerator Q&A site, I thought I’d try a poll here on my site.

So if you have an opinion on this issue, feel free to vote in the Poll in the right sidebar here. If you select “a third way”, I encourage you to leave a comment to this post so you can describe your idea.

This is, of course, totally and completely unscientific. First of all, I would imagine that most people who take the time to vote are people who want to go back to a classic forum. People who are pleased with the status quo might not take the time to vote.

Nevertheless, I’m interested in running the poll and seeing responses.

[Update 22 April 2010: Poll closed, with final score 23-0 in favor of “classic.”]