Simple, temporary fix for Titanium 1.1/1.2 inability to import projects

by Bill Dawson on 6 April 2010

[UPDATE: this fix is no longer needed.  If you’re running on Windows or Linux, just start Titanium Developer and you should be prompted to download version 1.2.1 (or later if you’re reading this some other day…)  The import of projects is fixed in 1.2.1.]

Don Thorp (@donthorp) of Appcelerator shows us how to overcome the problem I was complaining about in the previous entry, namely the inability to import existing projects into Titanium Developer 1.1 or 1.2 on Windows or Linux.

In the folder where Titanium is actually installed (e.g., “c:program filestitanium developer” on my Windows XP installation), go down to the Resources/perspectives/projects/js folder and edit the file projects.js.

For Titanium 1.2 (maybe for 1.1 too; I haven’t checked), line 1584 should contain this:

if (Projects.hasIPad==false)

Change that to…

if (Titanium.platform == 'osx' && Projects.hasIPad==false)

Save the file and restart Titanium Developer. Try importing a project and it should work.

Thank you Don!

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