Titanium Mobile 1.3 Android Preview Part 1: EmailDialog

by Bill Dawson on 30 April 2010

Titanium 1.3 EmailDialog now available for both iPhone and Android.

Titanium 1.3 EmailDialog in both iPhone and Android emulators

Appcelerator Titanium 1.3 is coming next week, and I thought I’d take the time to go over at least a few of the upcoming features related to their Android support.  I’ll make this a short series of blog posts tagged “titanium-1.3-android“.

So for the first installment, I couldn’t help but indulge myself and feature the item that I actually contributed to the project (with loads of hand-holding from Don Thorp (@donthorp)), namely the EmailDialog.

The EmailDialog was available in the pre-0.9 versions of the Titanium Mobile SDK, but since the major architectural change that came with 0.9, it has been waiting to be ported over. Now it’s ready for 1.3.

To see it in action, I’ve included the screenshot showing the iPhone and Android emulators side-by-side while running the KitchenSink example for the EmailDialog.

Stay tuned for more Android goodness!

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