by Bill Dawson


Hi, I’m Bill!  I grew up in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically in the town of Piedmont.  I moved to Vienna, Austria, in 2000 after meeting my beautiful wife, Daniela, who is Austrian.  We married in June 2001 and live in a flat in Vienna’s third district.  And we’re super lucky to have our amazing little daughter, Emily, who was born in February 2009.

Professional Stuff

I’m a programmer by profession. My work history and skills are best reviewed at my LinkedIn profile.

Other Interests

My real interest outside programming is History, specifically German and Austrian history.  This interest precedes my re-location to Austria; in fact, I met my wife during a trip I took to Austria after finishing my B.A. in History from Cal Berkeley.  While studying at Cal, I’d done my best to concentrate on German and Austrian history, though of course, as an undergraduate, you’re not allowed to concentrate too much in one area.

Back in the day I actively worked on the website German History Blog, though not anymore.  Nevertheless, if you’re at all interested in the topic, I recommend you stop by.

Old billdawson.com stuff

Here’s some info for you if you ended up at billdawson.com because of articles I wrote ages ago, or files that I once made available for download: the articles I wrote for Builder.com back in the day have been re-located to TechRepublic. 

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