Weekly TWiD yearning satisfied

by admin on 20 May 2008

I can’t say enough about the value TWiD has had for me. Because I haven’t yet had the opportunity to work with Django in a day-to-day professional capacity, it has been easy to let my Django learning slip through the cracks. But with TWiD I have a sure-fire way to keep my interest going week after week. Hearing folks like Michael and Brian — and their guests such as Malcolm and Eric — motivates me to dig deeper into Django.

A few things stuck out for me in this week’s episode (TWiD 23):

Also, for the first time (and as part of TDI), I "actively" followed along with the show by doing things like viewing Trac to see the commit mentioned in "Tracking Trunk", checking out the links to "Community Catch-Up" items as they spoke about them, etc.

Thanks for doing the show, guys!

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